Rose quartz and moonstone crystal healing necklace


Shipping to United States: $8.30

“On the wings of love “
Wonderful necklace made with a large Rose Quartz and Moonstone stones set in angel wings
Done in the Tiffany method
Eco tin over copper on a 30” stainless rolo chain that slips over the head
Pendant measures 2.25” tall x 1.5” wide

PINK QUARTZ is a stone of love. It puts in an optimistic mood, it chases away bad thoughts, it’s beneficial for your aura. It opens heart chakra. It’s good to keep it with you- it protects, chases away evil, removes negative feelings such as anger, bitterness, indifference, disappointment.

MOONSTONE is a good stone for both male and females. It helps males connect to their creative side and emotional side which they tend to shy away from. This stone helps one with the vision of what is possible. It is suggested that woman should carrying it during their moon time as they are more powerful at that time for they are given visions that are stronger than if they did not carry it. When you carry it at other times this stone will allow you to see the variety of possibilities in any situation.

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