Vintage sterling Goddess Mekhala cuff bracelet


Shipping to United States: $8.95

A beautiful vintage cuff circa 1920’s made in Siam (Thailand now)
Featuring the Goddess Mekhala done in a very detailed repousse method
It measures 4” tall tapering to 1.75” at terminals
Inner circumference 5.75
Gap 1”
Total currently 6.75”
Adjustable with care
Weighs 74 grams

The story goes…

The most common characters found on Siam Sterling jewelry is Mekhala (Make-hala), the Goddess of Lightning, and Ramasoon, the God of Thunder. Their story is quite old and originated in Buddhist mythology. Imported into the Thai culture, it has been interpreted into may versions. The following is the most common and seems to encompass all the versions, if not exactly, then within the spirit of the story.

Mekhala was a nymph and was born of the sea, of the froth of the waves. With bewitching eyes and long curling black locks, her beauty knew no bounds. Mekhala loved to soar through the heavens and across the waters, flitting this way and that. One day, while flying high in the sky she was spotted by Ramasoon.

Now Ramasoon was also a God. He was born of the storm clouds and the rain was his cloak and carried with him a battle axe. The first time he saw Mekhala he fell in love with her beauty and knew right then and there that he had to possess her.

Mekhala did not feel the same way and she spurned Ramasoon’s advances. In fact Mekhala often teased Ramasoon, she mocked him before quickly flying up and way into the clouds. Ramasoon decided that even if he could not win her heart, he had to possess her.

The next time he saw Mekhala he set chase. Dark storm clouds gathered around Ramasoon and cloaked him from Mekhala’s view. His plan was to wound Mekhala so that she could not escape him and he would make her his own. When the time was right Ramasoon threw his battle axe hoping to capture the beautiful Mekhala.

At the same time Mekhala held out her hand in which was a magical jewel, a crystal that she used for protection. Bright light flashed from it blinding Ramasoon as he threw his axe. The axe missed its mark and rattled harmlessly across the heavens as Mekhala made her escape.

Thus we have the story of lightning and thunder.

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